Friday, May 29, 2015

Rick's Official Announcement & This Blog's Return

Last Wed., May 27, 2015, Rick Santorum announced his candidacy for the U.S. President in 2016.

He is my candidate.

I saw his announcement.  He talked about values dear to him and to the American people: family, repealing Common Core, prioritizing veterans, and security and liberty against the Islamic State.

Rick called the family the "first economy".

Rick called for ways to "maximize potential" of students by driving a "stake through Common Core".

Rick said "peace comes through strength" and asked people to join him to "help these veterans".

Rick was featured in an online magazine of the Islamic State and said, "They know who I am, and I know who they are!  ...  If I'm the next President, we will defeat them [Islamic State]".

I only have my pen to give.

As I have done in 2012, so I do now for 2016.

May God bless us all.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

3 Reasons Why I Said "He's My Boy" to My Wife

Over the past month, three clear reasons emerged this past month that convinced me to support Rick Santorum:

First, he clearly supported the First Amendment and religious liberty.  Compared to the other candidates, Rick was very clear about toleration being "a two-way street".  Here's another link comparing the candidates HERE.

Second, Rick was targeted by ISIS as an enemy.  Out of all the candidates, Rick has the most experienced record in foreign policy.

Third, Rick was the only candidate to say that he would not attend the wedding a theoretical friend who was engaging in a so-called same-sex marriage.  Cruz and Rubio were not consistent with their faith tradition on this.

Recently, I turned to my wife and said of Rick, "He's my boy!" 

We supported and campaigned for him in 2012, and my conscience before God supports him in 2016.

This blog, The Great Eagle, is back!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Rick Santorum Targeted by ISIS Says More About the Man Than ISIS


Rick being targeted should tell us something more about Rick Santorum as President of the United States than about ISIS.

I looked at a couple of articles from the mainstream media that covered this.  And I noticed that the first few comments from readers expressed admiration for Rick Santorum.

This should incite admiration from not just Americans but the world over.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Voted for Rick Santorum; Note on Rick as VP Pick

Yesterday, I voted for Rick Santorum in the primaries.  I wasn't planning to do that, until I saw a politically-savvy friend of mine do that.  And he told everyone about it.

So I did, too.

On a different note, I wanted to blog about the great good it would do for Rick to be the VP pick.  But I am off the campaign trail.

Let's just say for now that if he becomes the VP pick, I would definitely come back to the campaign trail and light some fires for a Romney-Santorum 2012 ticket.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jan. 15, 2012 - April 10, 2012

Along with Rick Santorum, I am suspending my grassroots involvement.

Thank you everyone!

I still need to blog about meeting Rick Santorum.


Dear friends, today is a sad day for me with Rick suspending his campaign. But I am optimistic about Rick Santorum's future, whether in 2016 (or 2020), and the time from now until his next campaign for President.

I met Rick recently, shook his hand, and looked in to his eyes. I plan to blog about all this later, but certain family matters that were unfortunately neglected during the campaign need my attention at the moment. This includes some much-needed rest time away from the grassroots campaign. I have also discerned that I cannot get as involved with the other GOP candidates' campaigns as I did with Rick Santorum's campaign.

However, while my activity in the presidential election of 2012 may be significantly less now, I encourage you to continue to lay more foundations and grow the infrastructure for Rick's return some day. You were all a great team! And I encourage you to do all you can to unseat the current claimant to the Oval Office this November and his socialist-communists allies who have infiltrated our Congress.

I want to in particular thank my many fellow grassroots volunteers as well as the grassroots leadership who coordinated our political firepower into a unified grassroots campaign. I am heartened by the future of the United States, even with all her many faults, and have considered you all to be the saints predicted in the Scriptures at the end of time who will combat against the Evil One's final battle with God in the final days before Christ's second return. Remember, we are fighting FROM victory, not FOR victory.

So I close for now with Shakespeare's paraphrased words: "Let he who has shed his blood with my today be my brother." You are all my brothers and sisters who have shed blood, sweat and tears, with me in combat. Thank you all!

God bless you all, and may the Mother of Jesus protect you and yours and the United States of America.

Rick Santorum for President!