Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Voted for Rick Santorum; Note on Rick as VP Pick

Yesterday, I voted for Rick Santorum in the primaries.  I wasn't planning to do that, until I saw a politically-savvy friend of mine do that.  And he told everyone about it.

So I did, too.

On a different note, I wanted to blog about the great good it would do for Rick to be the VP pick.  But I am off the campaign trail.

Let's just say for now that if he becomes the VP pick, I would definitely come back to the campaign trail and light some fires for a Romney-Santorum 2012 ticket.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jan. 15, 2012 - April 10, 2012

Along with Rick Santorum, I am suspending my grassroots involvement.

Thank you everyone!

I still need to blog about meeting Rick Santorum.


Dear friends, today is a sad day for me with Rick suspending his campaign. But I am optimistic about Rick Santorum's future, whether in 2016 (or 2020), and the time from now until his next campaign for President.

I met Rick recently, shook his hand, and looked in to his eyes. I plan to blog about all this later, but certain family matters that were unfortunately neglected during the campaign need my attention at the moment. This includes some much-needed rest time away from the grassroots campaign. I have also discerned that I cannot get as involved with the other GOP candidates' campaigns as I did with Rick Santorum's campaign.

However, while my activity in the presidential election of 2012 may be significantly less now, I encourage you to continue to lay more foundations and grow the infrastructure for Rick's return some day. You were all a great team! And I encourage you to do all you can to unseat the current claimant to the Oval Office this November and his socialist-communists allies who have infiltrated our Congress.

I want to in particular thank my many fellow grassroots volunteers as well as the grassroots leadership who coordinated our political firepower into a unified grassroots campaign. I am heartened by the future of the United States, even with all her many faults, and have considered you all to be the saints predicted in the Scriptures at the end of time who will combat against the Evil One's final battle with God in the final days before Christ's second return. Remember, we are fighting FROM victory, not FOR victory.

So I close for now with Shakespeare's paraphrased words: "Let he who has shed his blood with my today be my brother." You are all my brothers and sisters who have shed blood, sweat and tears, with me in combat. Thank you all!

God bless you all, and may the Mother of Jesus protect you and yours and the United States of America.

Rick Santorum for President!

I Met Rick Santorum

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"The Race is Far From Over"

Today, Wisconsin votes.

I don't normally post articles here, but I will on this one by Quin Hillyer.

I found it exciting and an excellent analysis.

Click HERE for the article.

Hillyer demonstrated how a convention of duly elected delegates could nominate Rick Santorum.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo of the Day

A Strategy to Re-Take the Catholic Vote (in Louisiana First, Then in the Nation)

We need to push the envelope a little more in Louisiana, more specifically with the Catholic vote.

A Santorum beachhead for the Catholic vote is ideal in Louisiana.

In OH, state data showed that Mitt took some 40-ish% of Catholics, while Rick took a 30-ish% range.  (I'm not sure if Newt was a variable in this.)  I believe OH data reflected a national Catholic voting pattern.

A campaign objective, then, would be to reverse this trend beginning in Louisiana.

*Consider the following:

1.) 1 out of 4 LA residents are Catholic (at least in name).  
2.) LA ranks 12th in the Nation for the highest percentage of Catholics per state.
3.) Among the top 25 states with the highest percentage of Catholics per state, only 2 are Southern States: Louisiana and Texas (if TX can be considered a Southern state).
4.) Over half of the top 10 states with the highest percentage of Catholics per state are predominately New England states that have upcoming primaries.  Louisiana Catholics have a chance to lead the way for fellow Catholic voters in the North.

If Catholics vote for Rick over Mitt in LA, then this would break the Catholic voting trend currently favoring Mitt which the media is so fond to report.

It would be one less victory for Mitt and another bragging right for Rick.  The victory would also be psychological and headline-worthy.

LA would be ideal to show that Santorum won't write off the Catholic vote and will actually fight for it.  Polls show Rick in a comfortable lead in LA, so we can afford this effort.

Lead the way, Pelican State!  WE PICK RICK!


*Source: 2007 Our Sunday Visitor's Catholic Almanac
Primary Source: The Official Catholic Directory, 2006; figures are as of January 1, 2006.

Highest percentage of Catholics per state population.
Ranking Percentage of Catholics per State population State
Number of Catholics
1 59.2% Rhode Island  640,274
2 42.7% Massachusetts  4,865,216
3 41.1% New Jersey  3,605,265
4 38.7% Connecticut  1,357,992
5 37.6% New York  7,433,366
6 29.9% Illinois  3,867,102
7 29.4% Pennsylvania  3,614,694
8 29.2% Texas  6,742,690
9 29.0% Wisconsin  1,605,155
10 28.8% California  10,906,992
11 27.7% Nevada  661,300
12 26.1% Louisiana - 2005 total 816,260
13 24.0% New Hampshire  314,471
14 22.2% North Dakota  145,789
15 21.9% Washington, D.C.  575,824
16 21.5% Minnesota  1,093,533
17 21.4% New Mexico  494,449
18 21.4% Nebraska  375,808
19 20.5% Michigan  2,064,103
20 20.5% South Dakota  154,435
21 19.0% Vermont  118,000
22 18.5% Ohio  2,128,619
23 18.3% Delaware  230,000
24 17.1% Iowa  494,698
25 16.9% Maryland  517,679
26 15.7% Arizona  908,123
27 15.1% Kansas  406,916
28 15.1% Maine  193,228
29 14.7% Missouri  835,581
30 14.7% Colorado  666,213
31 12.7% Florida  2,265,450
32 12.3% Indiana  767,349
33 12.1% Oregon  432,170
34 12.1% Montana  110,409
35 12.0% Washington State  745,614
36 11.3% Hawaii  143,240
37 10.4% Idaho  148,100
38 9.7% Kentucky  387,062
39 9.7% Wyoming   49,121
40 8.7% Alaska  55,643
41 8.3% Utah  200,000
42 8.1% Virginia  620,399
43 5.1% Georgia  441,749
44 4.6% Oklahoma  160,878
45 4.6% West Virginia  82,749
46 4.0% Mississippi  117,942
47 3.9% North Carolina  336,738
48 3.9% Arkansas  107,524
49 3.7% South Carolina  157,450
50 3.4% Alabama  153,939
51 3.2% Tennessee  190,684